Christa Joo Hyun D' ANGELOUSA

《Cool Girl | Bitches and Witches | It's Complicated (Edition 5)》

  • Single-Channel-Video Installation 4' 55" | Single-Channel-Video
  • Installation 4' 30" | 3 phase blinking neon 90x90 cm
  • Dimensions Variable,2019
  • Sound Design | Sum Sum Shen

Cool Girl is a video collage which plays with racialized female characters amid Hollywood cinema, 80s dance-pop music, and video game culture. Through fast editing and vivid action scenes from culture classics - Kill Bill, Street Fighter, Waiting to Exhale and What's Love Got to Do with It? Cool Girl confronts the audience with absurd and often violent racial depictions that are otherwise left unseen in visual cultures.

Bitches and Witches is a video collage which combines frantic editing amid various versions of Lady Gaga's song Bad Romance among movie scenes from Metropolis, Secretary, The Craft and The Witches of Eastwick. Working with themes of heartbreak, shame, misogyny and lust, Bitches and Witches strives to uncover the invisible ways in which misogyny unveils itself in relationships through playful soundscapes and face-paced jump cuts.

It's Complicated, is a 3 phase blinking neon that oscillates between intimacy and estrangement. It delicately embodies the constant flux of relationships and their perpetual state of ambiguity. The piece straddles between polar opposites while in an endless cycle of bemusement.

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