• Location | Baroque Garden
  • AI Data Sculpture Installation
  • Dimensions Variable,12' 31",2019

What would happen if the consciousness of the world's oldest ancient origins data and AI come together for hybrid architectural public art? OUCHHH has created DATAMONOLITH using the world's oldest data! By using the Generative adversarial network (GAN) and AI algorithms, they created a new Data Monolith which meant to learn from Göbeklitepe data.

(dating from Pre-Pottery Neolithic B, PPN; 9600–7000 calBC) Encompassing both the Euphrates and Tigris rivers, the area gave birth to the first cities, states, bureaucracy and written communication in history. In other words, civilization originated in the Fertile Crescent. Göbeklitepe is not only a masterpiece that demanded enormous organization and imagination, and arguably the oldest temple in the world, it is the progenitor of the development of civilization in the world. Göbeklitepe is, in many ways, the epicentre of history.

To date, the excavations at the Göbeklitepe have been extraordinarily productive. Artifacts unearthed there are paving the way to fresh, unexpected discoveries. As such, the excavations have created a sensation around the world. The temples, adorned with animist figurines reflecting the religious faith of prehistoric people, have made Göbeklitepe one of the most significant archaeological discoveries of recent times.

Until recently, it was thought that monumental structures of this size were only possible given more advanced stages of human settlement. Göbeklitepe has undermined this view. In fact, it shows that there existed at that time an extremely complex social order and technology. It makes one wonder just how much more is waiting to be discovered... approximately 7,000 years older than the UK's Stonehenge.

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