FENG ZimingTaiwan

《Sine Wave of Love》

  • Radio installation
  • Dimensions Variable, 2020

The mind control that overwhelms mind with vexing electric current transmitted in electric waves, so that we can nicely give up thinking. The idea of radio broadcast is employed as the inspiration of the work. The radio station that sells drugs is used as the model in the production of a series of multifaceted radio shows centering around love. In the span of ten hours from 10:00 to 20:00, all the intractable diseases shall be incurable. Also, a 2-meter-high model of radio tower commonly seen by the bank is welded and installed. On top of the model, a radio jammer is installed, which is mobile and portable. Like the brainwashing waves of underground radio station that sells drugs, it broadcasts for a 500-meter radius and cast out a circle of barrier of macro love (radio channel).

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