LIN Tzu-HuanTaiwan

《Let Me Inside You (We are not two, we are one.)》

  • Single-Channel-Video Installation
  • 37’00”, 2020
  • Installation design: LAI Ying-Hsiang

《Let Me Inside You (We are not two, we are one.)》is a video work. The spirit in the cellphone, Jinn, tells six stories of love that are interrelated yet independent from each other. The spirit narrator is an intellectual being beyond angel and humans, born from fire without smoke. The spirits appear in various forms at the intersections, waiting for those in need and realizing people’s wishes before stealing their souls. The spirit in the video lures the viewers to have fun in a playground-like scene to be oblivious.

What is love? “Love comes before appreciation. Appreciation exists, nevertheless.” To appreciate (recognize) the other means to accept the other as she is or may be in the future, said Agamben.

Is there truly a way to sustain love? Should love be at the start constantly, if “start” never ends, and so does love. In the story of Aladdin, Aladdin once asks the Genie, “What do you want?” “Freedom,” the Genie replies. Nonetheless, humans are selfish and limited. Lovers say they want to become the ideal version in the eyes of their love ones. In reality, however, what they want is to have the other to become what they want them to be. Not until the Genie gained his freedom did Aladdin gain his love. Philosophers offer various interpretations of love. Yet, it means not philosophers understand more about love. Love is not 0 nor 1. Instead, it is the shredding of 0 and 1, and the process to run in and separate is to love, as we are one, not two.

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