WANG Shao-GangTaiwan


  • Commissioned by Digital Art Festival Taipei
  • Single-Channel-Video
  • 7 min,2020
  • VR live performance
  • 10/31 (六) 18:30-20:00(The performance start in every 10 mins.)
  • 11/6 Fri., 11/7 Sat., 11/8 Sun. 16:00-16:20, 16:30-16:50, 17:20-17:40 17:50-18:10, 18:40-19:00, 19:10-19:30
  • Technical Director | WENG Che-Chuan
  • Sound Design | Immanuel Dannenbring
  • Actor | LU Yung-Yun, LEE Yun-Xin
  • Special Thanks | Leo WEN

《ALICE》concerns about two adolescents entering a virtual social game to reconstruct the bewildering inquiry in life: "What is love?" This work is presented in reality show. Two adolescents in feminine image deconstruct issues with themselves and emotions, allowing ALICE to become the avatars of the two to wander in the VR game. What they face is another self of others. The four veins of realistic dreams, i.e. love, family future, and self (virtual idol), reflect adolescents' concept of self-expectation. Viewers and netizens are invited to venture into the dreams of ALICE to immerse themselves in the stories of the veins of life.

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