Artificial Galaxy

Organizer: Post Garden Experimental Lab- Department of New Media Art and Music, TNUA

Performance Length: 50-60 min.


open hours: 09:00-18:00
Set 1- 14:00-15:00
set 2- 15:30-16:30


  • Beyond the Nebula’s Twinkle
  • To Infinity and Beyond
  • Eclipse
  • Wind Whisper
  • Twinklebrella
  • Comet ISON
  • certe
  • PARA.__life__((lambda para: (lambda beyond: para(lambda human: beyond(beyond)(*human)))(lambda beyond: para(lambda human: beyond(beyond)(*human))))(PARA.__life__))

Introduction to the Exhibition & Performance:
Artificial Galaxy is a cross-disciplinary performance combining new media art and music, with its creative team “Post Garden Experimental Lab” consisting of the Dept. of New Media Art and the Dept. of Music, Taipei National University of the Arts. During the performance, the audience can see a juxtaposition of many newly created and existing musical instruments that represent different kinds of celestial bodies. Different elements that make up terrestrial planets, Jovian planets, stars, etc. carry distinctive properties and create the flow of energy as in the working of a galaxy.

As the theme for the collaboration this time, a macroscopic concept is set forth to challenge the extremes within artificial systems, while comparing the sounds of this instrument-based experimental performance to the imperceptible and immeasurable aspects of the universe, such as dark energy, dark matter, and even virtual particles. The performance is more than a concert; it’s also an exploration of contemporary art and a yearning for the infinite reaches of the cosmos.  The stage is like the expanse of the universe, with the performers and artists acting like the creators of new celestial bodies, and with the artificial objects exploring new possibilities of sound. With this concept, sound has become a tool for imagining and exploring the boundless universe.

Post Garden Experimental Lab

Production Coordinator
Jia-Ming DAY, Shih-San WU

Artistic Director
Jean Geoffroy

New media Art Director
Lien-Cheng WANG, Shu-Yu LIN

Music Director
Shih-San WU, Chia-Hui CHEN

New media artists
Hsin-Yuan HO, Shu-Hsien HO, Fang-ChiLIN, Bing-Yo HSIEH, Ting-An LIU, Yun-Zhi CHEN, Ya-Wen NOEN, Kuan-Jui HUANG, Yu-Jou HO, Chiao-Ai HSU, Kuan-Hsun HUANG, Chieh-Hsi CHEN, Yiquan CHEN, Chen-Bin WENG, Tammy WANG


Li-Chieh WANG, Hung-Kai WEN, Wen-En PAN, Po-Ting WANG, Yu-Tung HSIAO, Kuang-Yung YANG, Shao-Chi LIN

Hsin-Hua LIU, Hsien-Jen CHEN, Tzu-Yun LIAO,  Kiwa Takihusungan, LI Chi, Chia-Hao LEE, Li -Xian PENG, Wei-Chuan SU,  Kai-Ting CHANG, Ming-Chu SUN, Cheng-Lin PING, Yu-Han CHANG

Stage Manager: Wei-Chen LIN
Assistant Stage Manager: Jun-Wei YANG
Lighting Design: Yu-Wei SUN
Sound Engineer: Chu-En LIU
Sound technician: Ming-Ruie LU

Cross-disciplinary Teaching Program of Sound and Technology Higher Education Sprout Project, TNUA