PC DIY Creator Talk

Venue|Digital Art Center, Taipei 
Date and time|10/14 (Sat.) 14:00-16:00

Taiwan is a hub for computer assembly, and over the past 30 years, how to craft ultra-high-performance PCs has been a hot topic for vast users. The objective of computer assembly is beyond excellent performance and smooth operation but about creating a PC with an exceptional “cost-performance ratio.” As game production pursuits are increasing audio-visual effects, the significance of gaming computers has become more pronounced.


Yu-xiang, ZHUANG

Head of E-Sport Division
Yu-xiang, Zhuang

TEAMGROUP mainly produces its own brand of memory modules, memory cards, USB flash drives, solid-state drives, peripheral series, mobile accessories, and industrial applications. In 2016, TEAMGROUP announced its product line “T-FORCE” and in 2020, TEAMGROUP launched the “T-CREATE” product line. TEAMGROUP have won honors such as Computex Design & Innovation Awards, Best Choice Award, Good Design Product Award, Golden Pin design, TAIWAN EXCELLENCE, the internationally renowned GOOD DESIGN AWARD, German iF Design Award 21, and RED DOT Design Award. Furthermore, TEAMGROUP also receives recognition from the global technology media.

Artist Group


XTRUX, founded in October 2020 with a number of creators whose works focus on new media art, and has recently developed in artistic creation with elements such as artificial intelligence, metaverse, video games, motion capture, sound art, light, installation, Rave, audio-visual, etc. Their creative practice mainly focuses on the interaction of “virtual world, digital identity, and Taiwanese folk beliefs” with the attempt to reshape the relationship between virtual and immersive media.

  • 2023 VIVIDO, Event Organizer, FINAL, Taipei, Taiwan
  • 2023 The Space Warriors and the Digigrave, Hui-Yu SU, CGI Production, Korea
  • 2023 Smooth Gradation Ban : Bruh! Shi Jie Shi Pind De, Nien-Wei CHANGx XTRUX, Exhibition, Orogeny, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
  • 2022 Insight, XTRUX x SHENG, FUTURE VISION LAB @ Hualien Creative and Cultural Industries Park, Exhibition, Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab, Hualien, Taiwan
  • 2022 MONGTONG x XTRUX, 2022 TCCF Creative Content Fest – Cross-domain Performances, Songshan Cultural and Creative Park, Taipei, Taiwan


Po-Jui SU

Po-Jui SU was born in 2000 in Taipei City and is currently studying his master’s degree in the New Media Art Department at Taipei National University of Arts.

He specializes in using 3D modeling, game engines, and installations as creative mediums. His creative concepts often stem from observations of life experiences and a new perspective on everyday life. In recent years, his artistic interests have evolved around themes like parties, virtual bodies and identities, AI, and audio-visual elements, with 3D images being the means to present the confusion and conflicts between the virtual and real worlds. In 2020, he organized a new media creation team, XTRUX, where he is responsible for image production and game engine technology development. 

Chen-En CHIU

Chen-En CHIU was born in 1999 in Keelung and is currently pursuing his master’s degree in the New Media Art Department at Taipei National University of Arts.

He works on digital image creation and graphic visual design, and his approach uses mediums and forms like 3D digital media, kinetic machinery, spatial installation, and experimental videos. His artistic interests center on the intriguing relationship between the digital era and folk beliefs and draw imagery from ghosts, gods, and monsters from Taiwanese folk beliefs to reinterpret, direct, produce, and film these new elements, thereby creating a whole new worldview. His role in XTRUX, a team of new media artists that he co-founded in 2020, is 3D modeling, artistic design, video production, and video direction.

Yong-Ren HUANG

Yong-Ren HUANG was born in 1997 in Kaohsiung City. He graduated from the Department of Applied Music from Aletheia University, majoring in composition. He is now studying his master’s degree in the New Media Art Department at Taipei National University of Arts.

His artworks stem from Mauricio Kagel’s new musical theater and Musique Concrete and extend to the development of internet culture in artistic creation. 

In 2020, he joined XTRUX, a new media artist group, where he is responsible for sound design and technology development.