World 1-1

  • Artist Name

    Chia-Ming LIU, Che-Hsi KUO, Che-Wei HSU

  • Media

    Space Installation

  • Size/Duration

  • Year


Through the mindset of digital gaming, this project aims to build a space that exists between the edge of the gaming world and reality, and interacts with the viewers, in an attempt to describe how the process of representing digital space can be a branch of physical space. Techniques and thinking from game engines are employed to blur the distinctions between various elements in digital games and reality, much like the use of asset packs in game engines to create textures for game environments and change original ideas. Various photographic and painting works are also used as texture materials for the actual venue walls, acting as part of the exhibition and exhibits. The idea of combining various objects and graphics using polygons, a common practice in games, is utilized to depict a world beyond the game’s background and boundaries from the perspective of a game engine. Also, through the effects of lighting, different scenes and times are simulated in the three-dimensional space. The concept of game assets displaying different effects based on the viewer’s position is also used to define the use and viewing methods of the entire space.

The project title, “World 1-1,” is derived from the first level of the famous Nintendo game “Super Mario Bros.” when it was released in 1985. This level gathers all the essential elements of the game, guiding players to quickly understand its mechanics and become familiar with its controls, making it easier for them to immerse themselves in the game gradually. In addition to discussing the design mechanisms of objects in digital games, this project also hopes to serve like the “World 1-1” level for the viewers to understand the relationship between game design and artistic creation.


Chia Ming LIU

Born in Macau in 1994 and graduating from the Department of Computer Science & Information Engineering in 2017, Liu serves as a software engineer, specializing in machine learning and cyber security. Using photography and programming language in his artistic practices, he mostly works on projects that take self-exploration as the starting point and, through the transformation of data and information, investigate how people interact with society under the presence of technology, seeking to reflect on self-existence in this time and age. Currently, he is attempting to discuss the perception and boundaries of the inter-influence of the two-dimensional and three-dimensional worlds through installations and programming. He lives and works in Taipei now.


Che Hsi KUO

Born in Taiwan in 1994 and living in the Gongguan area of Taipei now, Kuo is currently a software engineer. His primary form of artistic expression is photography, with a focus on the relationship between history and space. Through capturing unique architecture and landscapes in different places, he endeavors to uncover hidden historical memories in his work.


Che Wei HSU

Xu holds a Master’s degree in space design from National Yunlin University of Science & Technology. Since 2007, he has been serving as a designer at the interior design company “Wakeijuku”.