Temporary Soul

  • Artist Name

    Invitro media ( Xiyue HU, Xing XIAO )

  • Media

    Video Game, Live Simulation

  • Size/Duration

  • Year


“Temporary Soul” is a part of an ongoing game development project that encompasses multiple chapters, each correlating with a unique simulated world. In the game, players traverse through various illusory worlds where characters in these different worlds are troubled by the predicaments and challenges faced in their realms.

The game starts with a dialogue where one voice asserts that machines do not possess souls, and even if they do, they are unstable. However, another voice seems unconvinced by this claim. As the game unfolds, two players assume the roles of organisms with unstable souls, tasked with injecting different souls into these bodies to facilitate motion and advance the gameplay.

The so-called ‘souls’ are neural networks trained using reinforcement learning algorithms, harmonized with specific training environments and physical structures to control the actions of the characters. Souls not aligned with the environment fail to function properly. In this gameplay, the characters attain a form of ‘autonomy,’ limiting players’ complete control over them, allowing only for guidance in their actions.


Invitro media ( Xiyue HU, Xing XIAO )

Invitro media( Xiyue HU, Xing XIAO ) is an art experiment group engaged in media art and creations and developments based on game engines, AR, and VR. The initiative was co-founded by Hu Xiyue and Xiao Xing. Their works revolve around issues in biology, complex systems, and artificial intelligence. They have frequently collaborated with archaeologists and biologists in interdisciplinary projects. Using game engines and programming as their primary media in their creations, they co-create real-time simulations of complex systems. These systems simulate ecosystems and attempt to expand discussions to socio-economic systems. They hope to respond to the philosophical questions surrounding technology in our era through their works, as well as the corresponding political and cultural challenges.