Replay over and over

  • Artist Name

    Nao Usami

  • Media

    Video Game

  • Size/Duration

  • Year


In situations where there is no way to resist or escape, people lose their voices, and their bodies become immobile.

In this game, the viewer operates a controller to move the 3DCG character’s body, but if the character is harmed, the operation is disabled, and the character becomes unable to move.

Day after day, they have to ride a crowded train, and their bodies are put in jeopardy.

It is indeed as if playing the same game over and over again.

At the end of the story, they attempt to peel off their touched skin and molt.


Nao Usami

Born in Tokyo in 1994,  Nao Usami currently lives and works in Tokyo. She graduated with an MFA from Tokyo University of the Arts, and later received her MA in Graduate School of Film and New Media in 2020. In her works, she often seeks to break free from all types of social categorization, such as gender, race, and class. And to do so, she pursues to create a positive parallel world through games that expand alternative possibilities. In recent years, she has been using 3DCG technology to present physical characteristics as something changeable. By augmenting the human body or making it fuse with non-human objects, she explores how we can isolate ourselves from existing values and defy physical limits to choose our own bodies.