Venue|Digital Art Center,  Taipei
Date and tim
e|11/18 (Sat.) 18:00-22:00
Curator | Aliasxxx

A Generation Y addict to the internet, who enjoys video games and web surfing, is striving to make a mark in the art circle.

Memes, as a media spread on the Internet, exist in various forms such as pictures, videos, audios, and texts. Through the development and influence of digital media and social media, memes have condensed pictures, texts, Reels and Shorts videos, have become a major way to spread information in contemporary society; audio MAD is a creative method of audio and video editing. By editing image materials and matching them with music and sound effects, the original content is broken up and endowed with audio and video content. Brand-new narratives and ways of viewing are often based on absurd content. As a form of meme, they are easily spread and fermented on the Internet. These two media/creative forms are emerging products in the digital era and are also one of the important components of contemporary popular culture.

The performance event of the 18th Taipei Digital Arts Festival, the event title “You know I MEME it.” is taken from the homophonic pronunciation of “You know I mean it” and translated as “You know I am serious”, inviting artists and content creators from different fields , jointly discuss memes and music MAD culture, including audio-visual performers such as KIVΛMKII, 3R2, Triple Electronic Music Palace, OneThreeFive135, etc., as well as special screening programs, collecting classic meme materials, music MAD, Reels & Shorts videos, a large number of meme content will be rotated throughout the day, and is expected to be held on November 18, 2023 at the Digital Art Center, Taipei (DAC).

Lineup |
SanChung Electronic Kong  x  Zhen HUANG
3R2  x  TAKA
OneThreeFive135  x  Shi Shu Wu Lu
KIVΛMKII  x  Yan-k

SanChung Electronic Kong

Formed by two local artists born and raised in SanChung. We take you to no afterworld, but the electronic music realm.


Zhen HUANG thrives among electronic music bands like P.C.B., OVDS, and parties. His creation focuses on real-time images and all the light-emitting artificial products to bring spiritual awakening.


Taiwan-based composer, arranger and DJ. He started composing at the age of 9 under the influence of his father, who was also a composer. He has provided music and remixes for many video games, artists and record labels and was honored with the Best Electronic Song Award at the 2018 Golden Indie Music Awards. He began DJing in 2011 when he was in high school. Besides performing at various events in Taiwan, he also performed at other places such as Japan, Singapore, the United States, and Hong Kong.


Taka, your best otaku electronic music companion who can be otaku-ish and stylish, introvert and extrovert, dope and adorb. Among his fans and partners, Taka is affectionately nicknamed as “他卡.” He has special talents for Anisong-based electronic music and has performed as DJ/VJ at various nightclub animation nights, music festivals, comic conventions, and parties.


Oto Mad aficionado and active creator of YouTube channel OneThreeFive135, which boasts about 16,500 subscribers now. The channel has been up and running for two and a half years and has snagged the top prize in the first-ever Meme Contest launched by Taiwanese YouTuber Louis. Now, he’s in the competition for the second year. He has a unique talent for vocal auto tuning/sampling and ideas of art creation.In addition, after the first Meme Contest,he established a small Oto Mad producing team formed by members of different fields and expertise, thereby being able to complete large projects as a team.

Shi Shu Wu Lu

He is a student slashie, audiovisual creator, and streamer. He enjoys mixing new and old elements in his artwork, and creating funny parodies. He mainly engages with his audiences through real-time interactions to create collision and integration of values. His art expression focuses on PV editing and realistic-style drawing.


Intensive experience in producing music genres like Bass Music, Sci-Fi, and Cinematic, as well as being proficient in rhythm/sound design and soundtrack composition of various styles. He specializes in Ableton Live and is also skilled in FL Studio.


A motion graphic aficionado who began his motion design journey in 2010. He now owns a studio for motion graphics and real-time interactions. In addition to decade’s worth of freelance experience, he has also participated in VJ design for various large online and offline events, such as the Presidential Office Concert, Rayark Con, Crash Fever Anniversary, and Mapping Dance x Garena Grand Final Opening Performance.


Composer / DJ / non-beast control(不獸控制).
Mainly focused on ACG (Anime, Comics, Games) and pop culture.


Visual artist, born in 2000 in Taipei, graduated from the New Media Art Department at Taipei National University of the Arts. Her work primarily revolves around 3D animation, merging experimental, audiovisual performances, and multimedia video installations, influenced by the post-internet generation culture and body performance art. Recent works explore the transformation between the physical and ideological aspects, combining cyberpunk-style technological fantasy elements. Her creative style delves into psychedelic, fictional worlds, constructing imaginary and new worldviews. In 2022, she participated in the “Sinful Moon: The City of Caesar(罪惡月亮。凱薩之都)” audio-visual installation and performance as part of the “JELLY BABY” exhibition at Taipei Digital Art Center. In 2023, she was involved in the angel divination party “The Words of the Holy Relics(聖骸之言)” at FINAL and has continuously organized various performance events. She is also a member of No.7 Angel.