Female Protagonists: International Women Game Makers Week

Female Protagonists: International Women Game Makers Week

“Female Protagonists” is a week-long game project by the Goethe-Institut Taipei, and curated by Yang Jing (Allison), that celebrates the contributions of both established and emerging female leaders in the global video game industry.

“Gaming is a boys’ club – not anymore! Challenge stereotypes and embrace diversity in gaming! Join “Female Protagonists” in Taipei from November 24-26, showcasing remarkable achievements of women in the gaming industry. A week of games, workshops, talks, and open dialogues. Let’s build an inclusive gaming culture!”

(1)A Week-Long Gaming Extravaganza : Experience a diverse range of games in aweek-long exhibition, where you can play to your heart’s content. It’s the ultimate gaming paradise!

(2)Immerse yourself in two performative showcases: the Lecture Performance and the Game Theater. These are not your average performances – they’re a unique fusion of gaming and art.

(3)Two Interactive Workshops:

  • Reimagine Worldbuilding: Play games to spark creativity and reimagine worldbuilding. Challenge the ordinary and learn to create innovative and complex worlds.
  • Inventing History: Explore the creation of immersive historical fiction games. You will learn to develop game concepts by integrating narrative, art, and game design to effectively convey stories set in the past.
  • All events are completely free and conducted in English! No need to register for the Lecture Performance and panels. Just mark your calendar for the workshops – registration opens on October 25th.

    Join Taipei Goethe-Institut and immerse yourself in the world of games, embracing diversity and inclusion!