The Tinder

  • Artist Name

    TZUSOO (추수)

  • Media

    Single-Channel Video

  • Size/Duration


  • Year


Aimy, a being in the digital world, looks for a date on the dating app Tinder. The viewer becomes conscious of the virtual beings that have impact inside the digital world by watching Aimy throwing likes and comments to virtual influencers on Tinder. The image of Aimy exploring others on the dating app maps the world of those who exist online. The scene where Aimy looks at the profile of Sophia, a humanoid AI robot, makes us contemplate the future in which humans coexist with virtual beings.



TZUSOO(추수) is based in Berlin and Seoul. Also active as a music video director, the artist crosses the boundaries as a “digital native” embracing a diversity of genres including pop culture and contemporary art. The artist looks at the virtual world that enchants and leads the physical world from an anthropological perspective, showcasing artworks based on the ideas such as queerness of the digital age, gender, and human rights. TZUSOO’s notable solo exhibitions include The Most Faithful Blasphemy (2022, Together Together, Seoul), Honey, Beta World Is Over Soon (2022, SOMA Art Space 700, Berlin), and Aimy’s Melancholy (2021, Electro Putere Gallery, Romania). The artist was also featured in Hackerspace (2023, TINC, Seoul), Right to Mother (2023, Hessel Museum of Art, New York), The Last Things Before The Last (2022, HITE Collection, Seoul), The Most Brilliant Moments for You (2022, Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art, Ansan).