The Mighty Sword

  • Artist Name

    Yu-Liang LIN

  • Media

    Multi-Channel Video Instalaltion

  • Size/Duration

  • Year


In-game items, weapons, mounts, vehicles, among others, are all enhancements to a character’s abilities. As powerful weapons take such abilities to a higher level, collecting and acquiring weapons has become an integral part of a game.

When the most powerful equipment is acquired or when resources are heavily duplicated through “exploits,” the game is also approaching its end, which will undoubtedly smother the gameplay experience.

This project features “The Weapon Shop,” “The Exploits Hidden in a Broken Bottle,” and “The Full-armed Knight Ready to Fight,” and has also boosted the speed of the electric wheelchair as seen in the works shown in my previous solo exhibition “Villager A.” The wheelchair is a mammoth obstacle for those I call the “Knights Templar.” Through the fusion of game mechanisms and character attributes, I try to respond to the relationship between technology devices and life.


Yu-Liang LIN

Mostly based on video-installations, He tries to interact with displays and spaces, creating narratives by placing objects, symbols, virtual interfaces, texts, etc., in relation to each other’s movements. Recently, Yu-Liang has been working on the topic of game mechanisms and virtual character generators to develop the narrative possibilities of the virtual world.