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    Yannick Mosimann

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In Sunspots, several 16mm shots of the sun are layered and superimposed, paired with a soundscape consisting of volcanoes, fire, plastic and audible solar sounds recorded by the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO).


Yannick Mosimann

Yannick Mosimann is a filmmaker, sound artist, and photographer from Berne, Switzerland. He studied at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Lucerne, where he completed his bachelor’s degree with the short film „How I Disappeared “. The film has been screened at various film festivals worldwide. Mosimann further pursued his education by completing his master’s degree in Contemporary Arts Practice at the Bern University of the Arts. Mosimann ‘s body of work encompasses films, video/audio installations and collaborations with various artists as a filmmaker and musician. His artistic focus lies in intuitive processes, sensorial experiences, and the reimagining of narratives. Themes explored in his work include the anthropocene, nature, cosmology, darkness, and human perception. In early 2022, Mosimann released his first feature-length film titled „I Have Not Been Afraid of Going Blind for a Long Time “. The film received widespread acclaim and was showcased at national and international film festivals as well as art spaces.