Kimberly & Friends

  • Artist Name

    Eunsol LEE(이은솔)

  • Media

    Video Installation

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  • Year


Kimberly & Friends is a project beta of Kimberly DAO, a virtual co-organization based on a digital network to manage and maintain the life of the virtual character Kimberly Lee. The project suggests a model of a guild where multiple operators can contribute to expand the virtual world Kimberly lives in. Kimberly DAO, which consists of PACK.system, Aggie Nam, Lee Seung-hyun, Jeong Jin-hwa, Kim Soo-hee, and Kim Sol-e, mints five NFTs. These NFTs are a model for DAO’s treasury to support further activities, functioning as standardized tokens for digital distribution, copyright assignment, and collective management of the treasury. Kimberly DAO’s project beta is aired as commercials and music videos.


Eunsol LEE(이은솔)

Eunsol LEE(이은솔) mainly works with Kimberly Lee, a virtual character she created on a digital network, and currently continues expanding its world in her work. The name “Kimberly Lee“ comes from the artist’s experience of discovering her Instagram account being hacked and its name changed to “Kimberly“, which was later used to be developed as the project’s character. Lee manages Kimberly’s life cycle through a series of projects and focuses on the structural frame that maintains the virtual identity intervening in the real life. Kimberly the Optimist (2021, Space Four One Three, Seoul) and Kimberly Extract (2021, SeMA Storage, Seoul) are some of Lee’s solo exhibitions, and she participated in The Post Modern Child (2022—2023, Museum of Contemporary Art, Busan), Grid Island (2022, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul), and Typojanchi 2021: A Turtle and A Crane (2021, Culture Station Seoul 284, Seoul).