Invisible Technology

  • Artist Name

    Chen CHEN

  • Media

    Two-channel Video

  • Size/Duration


  • Year


In 2027, due to the mature development of artificial intelligence, an AI company began its research and development on “Perfect Operation Technology”. However, only humans needed to rely on operational skills and digital connections. For AI that didn’t require operational skills, they could only analyze the historical operational techniques of humans through a retrospective analysis of the database. The work “Invisible Technology” is set in this not-so-distant future, where artificial intelligence presents a data presentation on the current mainstream operation technology, “Touchscreen,” starting from the launch of the first iPhone in 2007 and continuously tracing back along the timeline, even linking to the fictional ancient Chinese martial art, “Dim Mak”. (The work screened in the Digital Art Center, Taipei.)


Born in Kaohsiung, Taiwan in 1997. I am currently enrolled in the Fine Arts program at TNUA, pursuing a Master’s degree. My main creative form is video installation. Through various digital interfaces, technologies, equipment, and experiences, I deconstruct and remake the Martial-arts films of my childhood, constantly contrasting, connecting, and intertwining the images and concepts in the process of shaping them. This allows me to explore issues related to image and virtual embodiment. In 2021, participated in the residency program for the “the Great Wormhole in the Coastal Mountains Range Film Festival Artist-in-Residence Program” at the Gihak Artlab in Hualien. In 2022, I was shortlisted for the “The 2022 TNUA Contemporary Art Prize” at the Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts.