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    Sid Iandovka, Anya Tsyrlina

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“An unremarkable random 70’s newsreel from the artists’ hometown in the Soviet Siberia forms the substrate for a relentless exploration of the representational and narratological technics: without ever collapsing into a ‘story’ or abstraction, horizōn recants the relationship between analog and digital, surface and reference, sense and experience, past and present.”


Sid Iandovka, Anya Tsyrlina

Over the past two decades, Sid Iandovka and Anya Tsyrlina have developed a body of work that draws on the afterlife of avant-garde film, anachronic collages from Soviet archives, and the last vestiges of obscure underground music scenes. Working with their own archives and other people’s footage and media artifacts and fostering a peculiar symbiosis of various formats (archival film, analog and digital video, CGI), they create singular film objects characterized by an intensity that is almost alchemical, mystical in quality. Theirs is a practice that occurs within a condition of statelessness, separate from community, identification and known contexts.


Sid Iandovka, Anya Tsyrlina