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    Michael Etzensperger, Mateo Hurtado

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FEED is a collaboration project from Visual Artist Michael Etzensperger and electronic music producer Mateo Hurtado. As this piece arose from an artistic dialogue we share the authorship of it and would like to be mentioned both. The Premiere of Feed was at «Dezemberausstellung» at Kunstmuseum Winterhur in Dezember 2021. This was an exhibition context. Feed hasn’t been shown at a Festival before.

How close do you need to get to be part of it? The screen of a mobile phone was filmed through a microscope, while a social media feed was open. The soundtrack is based on audio samples from the same source. An abstract journey to and through the landscape of the smallest entities of our digital images.


Michael Etzensperger, Mateo Hurtado

Michael Etzensperger, born in 1982 in Winterthur, Switzerland, holds a degree from ZHdK (BA in Art and Media, focus Photography) and a MFA (Institut Kunst, FHNW Basel) in fine Arts. He has participated in various group and solo exhibitions in Switzerland and abroad.  Michael Etzenspergers filmic work is usually non narrative with a strong tendency into abstraction.

Mateo Hurtado, born 1985 in Switzerland, is a graphic designer, illustrator, and creator of electronic music. After studying illustration and fine arts, he developed an interest in techno and experimental music with an intuitive and analogue character. Deeply inspired by the surrealist movement, obscure symbolism and ritualistic incantations, his music seeks to invoke hidden, impossible images and bring to light the indecipherable messages buried in the unconscious.


Producer & Crew: Producer Company: –
Script/Concept: Michael Etzensperger, Mateo Hurtado
Camera: Michael Etzensperger
Editing: Michael Etzensperger
Actors: –
Sound: Mateo Hurtado
Other: –

Technical Info
Shooting Format: HD
Available Screening Formats: HD File
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Sound/Silent: with sound

Work distributet by: Director(s)
Name: Michael Etzensperger
Email: me@michaeletzensperger.ch
Phone: +41787916930
Adress: 15 Zschokkestrasse
Zip code: 8037
City: Zurich
State / Province: Zurich
Country *: Switzerland